The point where Aegean and Mediterranean meets, the panoramic view of Arşipel will become your tranquility and life quality. The functional details of modern architecture, aesthetic of local stones, the landscaping designed with elegancy meet with the clear weather of Aegean at Velena Hauses.

İn Velena Houses all the details that will let you live Bodrum for 12 months have been considered. . You will experience the most natural beach of Bodrum from your personal pier in summers and have the ‘İnfinite Blue’ view from your comfortable home in winters.

Velena Hauses, enables you to enjoy the beauties of outdors as well as indoors by connecting the sophisticated interior designe details with high quality construction and materials.

For the interior decoration of Velena Hauses, by light colors comfort and simplicity, by natural materials quality and luxry, by earth shades a peaceful style created. The designe details of an elegant taste will provide you to enjoy unıque beauties of outdoors in the interiors.

You will feel comfort and tranquility in your house with the blend of local and natural materials. The pleasure of a timeless design presents you the natural elegance in the sleeping rooms, bathrooms and all the parts of the hause.

The harmony of the natural colors, modern and simple elegance all designed to provide you a delighted life all around the house.

  • Totaly 12 Blocks
  • 20 İndependent Sections
  • 9 İndependent Dublex Villas
  • 3 Attached Dublex Villas
  • 8 Apartments
Technical Specifications
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