Go with the Flow with Lava Aqua Silverware

Let the peaceful rhythm of the water guide your life with Lava Aqua, while Bodrum's unique sea view captivates you from the first moment.

  • Bodrum Houses of Your Dreams Come to Life at Lava Aqua

    What comes to mind when you think of Bodrum? Sea views, a detached garden where you can grow natural products and old stone houses...
    At Lava Aqua, we made a Bodrum dream come true.

  • An Endless Blue

    Private pool, sea views and a sky you can embrace from the peaks of Bodrum...
    In every moment of Lava Aqua, you will feel yourself overflowing with the peaceful and free spirit of the blue.

  • Comfort Opening to the Blue

    There is no limit to happiness at Lava Aqua, where you will crown every moment of the day with the blue of Bodrum, accompanied by the joyful laughter of your children running on the beach.
  • The Joy of Being Together

    Enjoy the sun and pleasant conversations with your neighbors in Lava Aqua, which combines detached living with the site concept and offers privileges that will make your life easier

You can download Lava Aqua Gumusluk catalog from the link below.

Common Water Tank
Aerated Concrete Exterior Wall
Aluminum Joinery - Comfort Glass
Exterior sheathing
Interior Dry Wall System
Generator for Site Wide
Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture
Photovoltaic Panel Infrastructure
VRV Heating and Cooling System
Common Water Conditioning System
Underfloor Heating
Social Facility - Shared Pool
Natural Veneer and Lacquered Doors
Private Pool
Private Garden
Partial Natural Stone





Lava Yapı, which adds customer satisfaction to the quality and comfort it provides with its projects, continues to realize projects that are identified with Bodrum.
Velena Houses Bodrum
2020 - 2021
Velena Houses 2 Bodrum
Velena Houses 3 Bodrum